To repel water and deicing salts, use Carmen & Sons Concrete services to clean (power wash) your old surfaces. To apply a sealer coat on your concrete.  Rather its for your driveway and garage floor for hot tires and ice/ snow from the roads, all cemented steps and sidewalks should be sealed, especially for salt damage protection. Sealer is the number one tool screened that preserves your concrete from eroding. Slowing down the age process tremendously. Sealers are another incredible way to prevent oil stains from integrating inside the concrete and repels the mixture chemical from any harm. Installed cement should always have a sealer applied.

Have a budget??

Not all concrete needs to be rescued, some concrete needs a little bit of re-polishing. Meaning, your concrete is still fresh and worth keeping. If your flat concrete has a solid surface with a standard pitch, its worth saving your money to power wash and seal your existing concrete. High/ powerful performing concrete sealers protect even the most unique spaces from: water damage, rain, droughts, snow, ice, and hot vehicle tires. Carmen & Sons Concrete can help you fully understand the costs and benefits for sealer solutions and why they are a savior for your old concrete. Sealers can also be applied indoors, in homes and buildings. Having extra protection for your concrete is worth the money to save your cement underneath and to maintain the concrete from aging and breaking/ cracking in the future. We advise all our customers and the Chicago Land Communities to apply a sealer coat on there flat surface to save and prevent any damages from our harsh winter seasons.

Sealer Products are:

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Protection       Improvement  ♦ Durability


Clean your old concrete and apply a protective layer of sealer!!

  • Anti-fungal
  • Waterproof 
  • Slip Resistance 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Seal and level concrete floors
  • Reduce environmental impact 
  • Withstand harsh environments​


  • No more pest problems (Animals)
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Leveling and sealing concrete floors
  • Impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistant
  • No ingrown grass/ weeds (organic matter)
  • Can be hot steam cleaned and pressure washed
  • No more strip and wax to clean your old concrete
  • Fast cure times (minimal business/ family interruption)

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